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9/15 bow hunting check-in

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Out on an oak flat leading right into bedding areas   Acorns are sparse but a few are dropping - hoping to catch a mature buck on his way to bed. 250 yards S of camera and bait. 44 degrees never felt so good!    Good luck to all heading out today. 

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Good luck out there. Great weather for it. Just opened the door to let the dogs out and it feels like Fall. Hope to see a pic of another big one on the ground later this morning. Gonna be tough to beat your bucks from last year. 

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And a spike was next.  These woods are just different without acorns. They should be up in the canopy dropping them down. I guess the fact that the squirrels ate every one of my apples off my trees when that was looking to be a good crop was the tell tale sign there was nothing in the oaks. 

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