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10pt...My last NJ deer

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18 hours ago, Trophy8 said:

Was lucky Monday night to harvest this 10pt. 20yd shot thru the heart, he traveled maybe 30yds. 

One of my most enjoyable hunts and being my last in NJ before we move...I'm very happy with the way it's ending. 

Was in the stand by 4pm, within 1/2 hr a doe, fawn,.spike and 4pt circled down wind of me, didn't pick up my sent and moved out in front to feed. Good start,  the young bucks were feeling there oats and decided to spar for a while. .they left. Next I see deer in the field, some feeding and a small 8 and a 6pt going at it full tilt driving each other to the ground at times. Fun to.watch. While they were fighting a doe and 2 fawns came by followed by a small buck...ok I said, lots of.activity so far. Than I noticed a deer working my way thru the brush, good.size body..could it be the 10pt? As it worked towards me I realized it was him! As he got.closer I could see the chocolate colored antlers and prayed he would offer a shot...then another small buck came busting in...Oh no, don't bump him off his path......the 10 paid no attention and.stopped to feed at 20yds. ..pin on top of the elbow,  arrow is launched. ...I hear a loud crack...Oh no I thought. ..he ran about 30yds and fell into a thorn bush...the bush keeps moving...what happen? After 20 minutes of no movement I decided to move in arrow ready.  When I came upon him I knew he was.done and I harvested my 1st 10pt. Yes, it was a great.day in the woods and a perfect way to end my 43yrs of bowhunting in NJ.

Best of luck to all, may all of you have a great season! 



WOW nice rack Congratulations !!

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