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Wife Is In The Hospital

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Last week I took my wife to the ER as she had two blood clots on her arm, but they where considered not the dangerous superficial, yet she had pain in her ankle and she was getting shortness of breath but these doctors in this area did nothing. Thursday night her leg was hurting more, I told her I would drive her to a real hospital Hackensack, she didn't want to go. Sunday, while I was out work she felt worst, also that feeling you get as we know our own body. She called her doctor's office and they couldn't believe they didn't do a catscan looking for blood clots through out the body. He said goto the hospital and he will put the order in....The ER doctor refused as my wife got there before the ER doctor g0t the order. Blood clot in her ankle and a few small ones in her lugs found by the catscan, thank GOD she was demanding as well as her doctor. She got admitted and is on blood thinner, they keep adjusting it every 6 hours till they find the right dosage.....

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5 minutes ago, BowhunterNJ said:

Geez, I hope she's ok.  WTH is going on with the care up there not scanning when a blood clot is found or suspected? 

it's the area, few years ago I fractured my ankle.....they told me it was a sprain....I asked for a xray they refused....My wife drove me back to Hackensack, they took a Xray sure enough fractured.....Out here they must be use to people without insurance

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