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I know a few guys that bait more than you would ever think someone would. Think if you use Google Earth you might see their piles, look for the giant yellow areas :eek:. Yes I bait and I also hunt a few Oak flats. I will say that if you don't bait and hunt it then you are hunting deer going to someone else bait. I will bet that there is not a deer in Jersey that has NOT feed on someones bait at one time or another. 

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On 9/14/2020 at 10:43 AM, Hawkeye57 said:

Zero. If I wanted to target practice, I'd go to a range. Some years I dont get anything if I cant spend time scouting. For me, it is the hunt not the kill. 

Anyone can dump a pile down and slam deer. 


Not saying I'm against it. just not for me. 



Well I don't know that I agree with anybody can dump a pile of corn and slam deer. I know some guys who could not commit suicide on a corn pile let alone stay still enough to shoot something.

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