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3 Colt Black Powder Revolvers ~ For Sale

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I have 3 Colt, 2nd Generation, Black Powder revolvers for sale.  The two .36 caliber are both new and have not been fired, they are free of rust, corrosion dings or nicks.  The .44 caliber has been fired but is also free from rust, corrosion and has a nice patina worn finish.  All have matching serial numbers.


Asking $600 apiece and would sell all 3 for $1,500.       I live near 6 Flags ~ Great Adventure.


This is the 1862 Pocket Police .36 caliber which comes with the original box,  papers and I will include 100 .380 round balls.

Police 36 box.jpg

Police 36.jpg


This is the 1862 Pocket Navy .36 caliber in an oak presentation case that includes a flask, bullet mold, reproduction tin with new caps and key.

Navy .36.jpg


This is the 1860 Army which comes with the original box, papers and I will include 40 .457 round balls. This particular one has the 2 extended screws on the frame and the notch in the butt to accept the stock handle so it could be shouldered like a rifle.

Army box.jpg




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