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anyone know of a Kent Fasteel 2.0 problem or recall??


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Cabelas just put Kent Fasteel 2.0 on sale. I was going to buy a case, but then I just heard about this fiasco from this past October:



Now, I don't know if it's true or not - this is the wild west Internets after all - but two different forums, different pictures. Something seems off. But I can't find any other information online about this - a recall or anything.

Has anyone heard about this?

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I sent an email to Kent with those two links and asked if they could comment ("was it even true? was there a recall? any details they can provide?").

I got an email back, less than 3 hours later - they didn't waste any time.

Based on the last paragraph, it sounds like there was "something" reported with those 3" 1 3/8oz rounds, and they did investigate it, but didn't find anything. I'd love to know what happened - even if it wasn't the ammo.



We certainly appreciate your concern and appreciate you as a Kent customer as well.

All warranty claims brought to our attention are thoroughly reviewed. To date, there has not been any warranty claims which would lead us to believe there is a safety concern with Fasteel 2.0. There are a number of factors, unrelated to the ammunition, such as barrel obstructions, which could cause gun damage.

While we do not publicly comment on individual incidents, we can say that any incidents brought to the attention of Kent Cartridge regarding the K123FS40 load (12ga 3” 1-3/8oz Fasteel 2.0) have been investigated and no defects in materials or workmanship were found.  As a result of the investigations, no action is warranted and we consider the ammunition safe for normal use. 

Best regards,

Kent Cartridge Customer Service



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59 minutes ago, chenrossi said:

not sure why they tried to reinvent the wheel....

I think the theory was they wanted a more corrosion resistant shell. 2.0's ... the heads and shot are plated (I think with zinc - or is it nickel?) now.

The thing that annoys me is I spent a lot of time in the last year or two buying a bunch of ammo and patterning ... and the "old" Kent Fasteel was one I was going to start using based on my tests for my gun. Then I find out they discontinued making it soon after I spent all that time!

I just got back this morning after shooting a few of the 2.0's #2 and BBs.. I have to compare how they patterned compared to my other tests I did before and see how they come out. I don't want to waste money buying a case of this stuff if it's not as good as the others I tried.

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  • 2 years later...

Ha this came up when i googled Kent Fasteel 2.0

I feel your pain of trying something..it works awesome but they stopped making it 😒


I bought a box of 3" 1&1/8oz #2 at the end of Jan at Bass Pro of AC NJ

Got a box of Herters 3" 1&1/4oz #2 as well.

Going to range tomorrow morning to fire some of both to see what it looks like on paper

So the issue is with the 1&3/8oz payload.

I have the original Fasteel in BB and so far no barrel bombs. Must be the 2.0 stuff


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12 minutes ago, vdep217 said:

My stoeger or my 1187 no issues but either will not eject Rio blue steel

That’s funny because I never had an issue with Rios ejecting but had an issue with them blowing in half in the barrel basically turning themselves into cut shell slugs so I stopped shooting them. Also found it fascinating how different guns will be so different shells

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