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Whos looking forward to bear season?

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how manys guys still want a bear? I know my standards are high but honestly I'm over it. I feel the days of quantity are over and most hunters will looking for quality. The population is going to explode.


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I definitely look forward to “guiding” my bear hunters.  I offer opportunities to a bunch of hunters who don’t experience seeing these pests every day.  In return, we remove some bears making my areas a little easier and better balanced to hunt.  Bear populations are really exploding in the last few years.

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I'm tired of seeing them, I shot my share ....baiting is alot of work and my back is getting worst .....Of course I will get a tag and if one shows up and I decide to take it I will

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Question for guys who have taken a bear or maybe more: Do you always have some taxidermy work done to the bear? Like a rug or some type of mount? Or do some just take the meat and discard the rest?   
    Most guys I know that wanted a bear or two have taken them and are done with it. Like mentioned above it’s a lot of work and time. Bear numbers will be exploding. 

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