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Montana High-Line / Semi-live / DIY Archery Mule Deer Hunt

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20 hours ago, Tater1973 said:

Day #10 - Gotta luv it when a plan comes together and regret when “ All good things come to an end”.  Today was, well let’s just say PRICELESS!!!  The following is how today unfolded.

Over the past few days while glassing the river bottom in the morning I kept seeing the same good buck jumping a cattle fence between 6:45 & 7:00 AM.  An old two-track lead up to the fence and the buck was using it to head to his daytime bed.  Fast forward to todays plan...Get up extra early (3:30 AM), hike 4 miles out and around as to not spook any deer, cross the Milk River 2x’s and be tucked into the sage brush 20 yards from the fence he jumps by 6:00 AM.  The plan worked...sort of!

At 6:5o AM a smaller buck which I had all intentions of letting an arrow fly approached the fence.  I drew my bow prior to him jumping over and he caught movement and busted back into the sage brush flat.  I sat their thinking well that sucked and what next.  I then looked down the old two-track and here comes Mr. Big at a fast pace.  My plan was to draw my bow when jumped the fence and shoot him when he landed.  However, he winded me right before he began his jump and spun around and ran from my left to right into the sage flat.  I was at full draw and swinging into position when he stopped at 48 yards quartering at me.  I setting my 50 yard pin on the front of his shoulder and pulled through the shot.  The arrow was true and it exited behind his opposite side shoulder.  He ran about 40 yards and literally fell over.  I stood up and couldn’t believe what had just occurred.  Ten hard days of hunting and an incredible experience ended with a deer of a lifetime for DIY solo archery.  

The good news is he expired 80 yards from the two-track.  I was able to get my truck back in there to get him out.  Only bad part was bear hugging a 250 lb deer to get him into the truck.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for my awesome wife, great coworkers(who pick up the slack when I leave for a month) and public land to hunt(harvested on Block Management).  I still have two weeks to go out here with friends to visit and a great friends wedding on the 26th in Lewiston.  But I will sneak in some elk hunting before I go.  
Thanks for following along and enjoy the pics...JK

Fence line where I set up.




After the shot.



How he laid when I walked up.


Shot was true!


Pics of the Big Boy.74C8CB1A-1973-40BD-A17D-380E1F5989E0.thumb.jpeg.40c974a170d816bb8016c502172a1793.jpeg









A little whisky to celebrate💥


Still had velvet hanging off.


Glad I brought my packable hip boots.


No more of these meals...getting STEAK tonight!!!



Congratulations Joe!!  I enjoyed reading about your adventures everyday and one of the few reasons I would come here everyday. Kind of sad it's over, but maybe you'll be sharing elk pictures soon. 

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