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20200830_103327_HDR.thumb.jpg.eb30be36cb64f8ee4df1fc95fe459787.jpgGood shoot!  My first 3D shoot.  Really cool targets and really nice people.  Made some small talk with a few other groups and no one heard of this forum.  I def need some type of packable chair because the one negative is the waiting before each target station.  Will go next year for sure!

Also my lucky streak continues and I won a 1/3 Woodland Elk target.  I have a bunch of the signature series targets and have never been interested in woodland line, but as long as I keep my arrows in the insert I should be fine hahah




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4 hours ago, Flyarcher.X said:

I was there! I was behind the registration desk :)
Congrats on the woodland elk!! So glad you had a great time!

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I think we talked briefly and you were saying how cold it was even though it was like 80 degrees hahaha

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