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Is anyone going to the Rinehart 100 at the Assunpink WMA

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Ive never been to a 3d shoot.  Any tips, things to bring, what to expect overall?  Thanks
I've only been to one but, bring your quiver with an arrow puller, small bow stand, if you want to keep score bring a small clip board (third hand archery sells some), wear permethrin or bug spray, range finder, if its hot bring water

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Definitely Permithrin. Ticks and chiggers will be attending the shoot as well.

Arrow lube is very helpful. Sometimes the arrows burn into the foam.

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Wish I could participate, working 😤! Looks like an awesome time, especially this close to the season opener to get ones confidence up. Have fun everyone shoot straight 

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I will be there Friday with my son and probably on my own Sunday. I helped set it and it’s a great course with targets like you have never seen before.

It’s going to be a great shoot! Laid out in 25 target increments so you can take a break or keep shooting all 100 targets.

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