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Structural Engineer Recommendation - Morris Township


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Located in Morris Township.   Does anyone have a recommendation for a structural engineer that they have used on home projects?  Also, any idea what this would cost to inspect and provide the structural component of opening up a exterior wall?   Just looking for ballpark.  Not sure if this is something that costs hundreds or thousands.

We are thinking of expanding the 1st floor by converting the covered porch to an extra room.   I like the DIY challenge and feel very comfortable tackling this project in my downtime.  However, there are two things that I want/need to enlist the help of a structural engineer.  1.) Sizing the proper beam and posts for expanding the opening from a single standard doorway to a 12'-14' opening on the exterior wall that is on the foundation and only supporting roof above.  2.) Inspecting the foundation to ensure that it is in ok standing.   There are a lot of similar homes around here that have converted so I believe the foundation will not be an issue.  The guys that built these houses back in the 50's did a stellar job.  Square, plumb, level.   I still like the piece of mind.

Last year I converted a 1/2 bath to full bath and the project went smoothly with permitting/inspections, etc.



EDIT:  I posted this in wrong area.  Can an Administrator please move accordingly. 


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Something like this would cost me on a commercial site $2500 to $3000. I’m guessing $1500 on residential project. 

As said above architect could handle everything including addition drawings. However so can Engineer. 
when I added on I drew up my own plans for approval and they were approved. 

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If you go with micro lam beams, there is a chart for the opening size. (It's "pre engineered lumber") The roof (live) load should be 30 pounds per square foot in the middle zone. (New Jersey is middle zone) So you can bump up to 40 lbs psf just for overkill. I think  3.5 x 12.


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Although it was quite a few years ago, I did the same thing in Somerset county. Took out half the front wall of my house and enclosed the front porch. I did my own plans and paid an engineer $250 to size up a 16' steel beam and thus added 8 x 30 of space to the front of my home.

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