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What broadheads is everyone shooting

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Still using 100 gr. Slick Tricks from vertical ( on occasion) and Xbow. 
No plan to change. have killed dozens of deer with them. No issues, and I don’t believe another head would have made them any deader! 

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Magnus Black Hornets and Bishop Archery Dicing Drill Single Bevel have been my go-to for the past 5 years or so.

Gonna try a few new ones out of the Frankenthrottle this year...The Simmons Swampshark and Cutthroat single bevels definitely have my attention. 

I'm also interested in the Solid Legend Dangerous Game with the 3/4" bleeder as well as the  Alien Archery Matrix 2BT.  

If anyone has any feedback on those last couple, I'm all ears

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Gonna give these Thorn broadheads a shot this year.  I dont know first hand how they perform in deer, but I can attest they fly just like field points in my xbow.  They actually group better than my points.  No blade exposed during flight.


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