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Bear Attack Last Sunday?

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3 hours ago, jumpthestring said:

How about the poor young guy that was mauled to death a few years back in west milford.  if it happens again the blood will be on murphy's hands ...

The crazy part is that this one was only a few hundred yards from the entrance to the Apshawa preserve. I live in West Milford and am convinced that the drastic increase in hikers over the past 4-5 years has led to specific areas of bears becoming more acclimated to humans. Otterhole Road, Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Apshawa preserve, and Wawayanda all have seen increasingly brazen bears recently. And what’s worse is I’d say at least 75% of the hikers are out of towners who don’t know how to get themselves out of a bad situation - seems like search and rescue is going there weekly

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15 hours ago, JerseyJaysTaxidermy said:

Bear attacked a dog 3 doors from me a few days ago. Mom with 4 tiny cubs. She was never aggressive all the years she's been around. The dog it attacked im sure had to deserve it as that dog has attacked other dogs on the street in the past. Fish and game killed the bear.
2 days later across town another bear attacked a dog.

Shame to kill the mom of these young cubs. I was hoping to shoot her next October when the cubs were bigger.badd01103a4495d82c9d8f89b754f703.jpg

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What type of dog was attacked by the bear?  

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