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The Guardian by BowTech 30% off!!! To first responders!

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Now that is a bad ass bow !!! STARS & STRIPES BABY !!

Bowtech is offering $15% off to any first responders-Bob and AJ’s will match that 15 %!!!!! 30% off to all first responders that we need , rely and count on every day!



RIGHT NOW 1500 bows will be made....Right hand only ,60 and 70 max weights-This could change. If interested please let me know ASAP so you don’t miss out!!!





The US-made Guardian bow is built on the award-winning Realm platform, showcasing a limited edition, proud American theme. The only riser in our line with the battle-tested “Warrior Grey” Cerakote finish, for the ultimate in durability and protection, while the American flag is proudly displayed on the limbs. This bow is a limited release with sequential serial numbers starting at US0001. Each bow is truly one-of-a-kind.




30 3/4"


7 1/8"


340 FPS


25 - 31"


50, 60, 70 LBS


4.3 LBS





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That’s super nice of them. Too bad they lost me as a customer. Never again. 
Edit: Due to confusion I was referring to Bowtech losing me as a customer. Bob & AJ’s was top notch the one and only time I used them which was last year. 

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6 hours ago, thefirstndsecond said:

Who lost you as a customer?  Why?

FYI it was Bowtech that lost me as a customer. Just to make that clear. I’ve only had one experience with Bob & AJ’s and it was top notch. Long story short years ago I called Bowtech, wanted to have work done at the factory (they have a Proshop there). Bow had sentimental value to me. Pretty much said I have an open wallet, I want to make this bow new. New strings, new limbs, anything else they suggested. They explained no problem, had a week to get it done. They knew that no problem. Brought the bow on the plane with me. To the shop. Essentially the young kid in the Proshop wouldn’t do work because I “didn’t need it”. Next guy in line after complaining was less than thrilled with me and treated me like a second rate citizen. I picked my bow up and left. Haven’t been back since and I was a loyal Bowtech Customer since 2007 with the Allegiance. 

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