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The title is a little vague so my apologies.


I have available for FREE a youth tree stand safety harness that I would like to give to a parent that is a first responder or in the military (present or former).  We truly appreciate those who keep us safe and what our police force is going through.  I am trusting that whomever is going to take it is in the "public service" as stated here.


  It's brand new, never used, because my daughters and I have been knocking them dead from the ground in our blinds.  Below is the ad from Bass Pro but the package that I have says it is rated from 50 to 100lbs (not 120 as in the ad).  I'd like to see it taken by a parent who is looking to get their kid into the stand to show them the ropes whether they are hunting yet or not.  Given that it's rated only to 100lbs you are probably looking at age 6-12 or so.  I am located in Rockaway Borough in Morris County.  Because I'm working from home, we can work out pick-up pretty easily.


Regardless, there are several members on here that have helped my kids and I out with clothing, hunts or ideas and we want to show our appreciation by helping out the next group of kids.



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1 hour ago, BowhunterNJ said:

Nice offer!


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Very nice offer and thank you for your support.

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