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Nice day little to show

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Left at 4 am friday morning to try to get in on the tuna bite.  Foggy run.  Got to the grounds and started trolling until we found a temp change.  Slow going than the false albacore bite started.  We headed tword the chicken canyon got away from the albies but no action started tword the ressor and another knock down.  31 inch blue fin.  Circled the ressor and started heading back this time tword the ap and another knock down this time he was screaming even with the tld 30 on full strike.  Pulled the hook.  Got more false albacore than it just died.  The fish we landed hit a green spreader set way back and the one lost hit the close wide tracker about 20 yrds behind boat

  Fog came back and we trolled tword the hook covering the mud hole and glory with nothing.  Packed it up and was greeted by a nasty storm for the last 15 miles that beat us up in the 24 cobia..  all in all good day on the water.

  Sorry for the crappy pic


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I'm heading out tomorrow hopefully the south wind doesn't get bad

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