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7/25 Open Boat Results Good trip Bluefin and Mahi

Sykk Physh

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Well today I had Tulay and Brian out for my Open Boat Tuna Trip. Left Belmar NJ at 4am.. The forecast was nowhere near what was predict. But slowed done and made it to the first spot.. Lines in at and hooked up on nice jumbo Mahi.. We flipped in boat and it flipped right back out.. Back on the move .. And tight again Brian pulled in a nice Bluefin.. Then it went quiet.. We made a move and Tulay was hooked into a solid bluefin .. Made it to the boat 3 times and it came un button boat side.. Heartbreaker for Tulay.. Then the fish just quieted done for hrs .. Nothing at all .. Made a move and picked 2 nice Mahi again... Slow day of fishing , little life , little bait out there! But we went 1/2 on Bluefin and 2/3 on Mahi..


Thanks Capt Joe


I have a new mate on boat also ...little Hank








Capt. Joe G

Sykk Physh Sportfishing

(732) 239 1404



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