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How do you like your Backstrap?

Cousin Brown

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There are so many ways to prepare this wonderful cut. What is your favorite?


I got to say , one of my favorites is still one of the easiest recipes....Marinated in Zesty Italian Dressing then grilled.

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I like to slice mine paper thin and fry it quickly with salt, pepper, garlic and butter. Put on a roll with some cheese and sautéed onions and then under the broiler for a minute or two to the cheese. Venison steak sammiches! Mmmmmm

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1st way: When we are at camp we generally cut the backstraps out of the first deer we kill. Then we slice it into 1/4 in. pieces dip it drawn butter, sprinkle with blackening seasoning, give it a quick sear in a cast iron skillet. this should never be done inside for obvious reasons.

2nd way: Cut into nice sized medallions salt and pepper to taste and sear on all side finish off in the oven and rest on a bed of sauteed onions and baby bellas deglased with some Marsala wine.

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I cut them into butterfly pieces, marinate them is italian salad dressing for a couple hours then cook them on the barbeque grill leaving them a little red inside. Garnish them with some barbeque onions and emmmm good. :cheers:

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