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Sea Bass in the Fog


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John was nice enough to see if I wanted to go and get some Seabass yesterday. We left the dock a little later than normal since the fog was so bad. Did a few drifts in the SR inlet and picked up only a couple fluke while we waited for it to clear. Around 900 we said let’s go for it and headed out. Started seabassing on a wreck that John had marked and it didn’t take long before we started bailing fish. By 1 :00 we had our limit which should’ve been sooner if I didn’t try the behind the back toss into the cooler which ended up back in the water! Along with a couple of other throwbacks. 
Great Day except for the fog !! 


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My buddy John had a great day also, must be the name,lol.

I stayed in the raritan bay, tried for striper, blues, fluke, nothing! The fog was extremely heavy until 1pm.

And ofcourse there is always the one jerk off going full throttle across the bay with very limited visibility.  Unbelievable 


Here is a picture as the fog is lifting away, 20 minutes earlier you couldn't see the other boat, but hear them talking. Yikes


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1 hour ago, JHbowhunter said:

that's a good day - fog is scary especially when you don't have radar!

before I got my first boat I used to rent boats at Frank's at Atlantic Highlands.how to get in line for 5 in the morning to get a boat motor. One morning the  fog was so bad that we couldn't launch till 9:00. There's different Fogs. I think that's what was called a convection fog. Wanted my own boat.Took a 6 month power squadrons course in Caldwell New Jersey. Bought a 23 foot mako. Trailer out of Atlantic Highlands launch. I'm still alive but let me say this to seas are nothing to fuk with. Sure there was wolverine but it didn't do me much good until later years I learned with ups 2 track and put in a waypoint to navigate the waters. Then there's the squals,doesn't only happen in January with snow it happens on the Raritan Bay with fog and rain. I remember the first time with my son when he was like 6 he was panicking. We Rode Trough it.

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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Nice haul .,

sea bass bite is as good as it gets


fog shouldn’t be taken lightly .

too many people think it’s ok to just use their chart plotter if they get stuck out in it .

but that doesn’t show you other obstructions , (boats kayaks etc) and most guys don’t use a hailer as required by law when moving .

cant tell you how many times I have come into the inlet when guys are stacked in front of the bridge .

because fog rolled in and they couldn’t see it and panicked .

last year on the worst fog I have been in their were 6 kayaks together at the bridge .

lucky for them (and me) I go slow under the bridge as I didn’t even see them against the bridge on radar .

isnt a fish in the ocean worth getting hurt over .


crazy how banked in it still is today , will be here until wind swings back from north or west .




Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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