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Fred Flintstone

2nd Longbeard For Cynthia. Her 1st Spring!

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       I took my Friend Cynthia out again today on State Land in Orange County,NY.- 5 /23/2020.     We were almost set up too close!  The Tom Gobbled only 30 yards away in his Tree. I offered very soft Tree Yelps.  As it got lighter, I had to use my Natural Voice.     Down the Tom plopped from his Tree.     He started to move away--- but, I called him back. Cynthia shot him at less then 25 yards. He went 18lbs,8" Beard, and sharp Spurs of under 1". A 3 year old.  So she is tagged out in New York in her very 1st Spring.           It was early so, I tried another Public area and had a Gobbler going at 8am.   Worked him for 1 hour until he went silent.   Try him again Tomorrow.    It has been awhile since, I took 3 Spring Birds and , I might do it this Spring. 

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Congrats Cynthia!!

You got one hell of a friend!!  And guide!!

Nice job!!  Yabba dabba doooo!!!

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