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I finally had an opportunity to get my tractor in my food plot last night I got to mow off the edge thats ringed with clover and hit the rest with round up. Hopefully getting some lime spread within the next few days then Im going to run the disc over it then time to grease up the drill to plant some beans

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on my buddies property, we plan to use the LC mix as it has become known to be:

Plant ALL in one plot in strips or blocks

White Clover in 10% of plot
Alice, Kopu II, Durana (or comparable) white clover, sow at 6#'s per acre with the rye combination in the fall or in the spring with oats and berseem clover. Correct Ph and P&K with soil tests

Brassicas in 45% of plot
Purple Top Turnips 3#
Dwarf Essex Rape 2#
GroundHog Forage radish 5#

Plant in mid to late July in most Midwest states, or 60-90 days before your first killing frost, Use 200#'s of 46-0-0 urea and 400#'s of 6-28-28 per acre. Follow the dead brassicas with oats and berseem or crimson clover in mid spring at 60#'s oats and 12-15#'s berseem clover and/or 50#'s of chickling vetch)

Cereal Grain combo in 45% of plot

Winter rye 50-80#'s per acre (56#'s = a bushel)
Spring oats 80-120#'s per acre (32#'s = a bushel)
Frostmaster Winter Peas or 4010/6040 Forage peas 20-80#'s per acre
Red Clover 8-12#'s per acre or white clover at 6#'s per acre (or 20-40 pounds hairy vetch and 20-30#'s crimson clover on sandy soils)
Groundhog Forage Radish 5#'s per acre
Plant in late August to early September, if following well fertilized brassicas use 100 - 200#'s of urea, if starting a new plot add 400#'s of 6-28-28

Rotate the brassicas and rye combo each year

here's an excellent read on property improvement that you can cherry pick ideas from:



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Picked up some fertilizer today. I usually dont put any down so Im sure its not going to hurt. 

0-20-20 on the clover and picked up some

0-0-62 for about 4 acres of soybeans. 

Waiting on the lime guy now to spread 8 tons on the bean field. Disced the bean field and hit the clover with cleth. 

Ive been able to get beans to grow but the deer hammer them. Im going to plant thick and fertilize heavy and see what happens. 20200522_153035.thumb.jpg.49db78a39c1b7415c4dcce425c2d0c23.jpg20200522_143948.thumb.jpg.945865661f025a298c0df8e8b205a446.jpg

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10 hours ago, megavites said:

Tom...where do you find those fertilizers?

Growmark Fs. 

They have several locations, the one closest to me is Rt 206 in Eastampton

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