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Birthday blackfish build


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Tracey’s husband bought a Lami 1143 surf rod over 30 years ago .

after he passed away the rod sat idle for many years .

 I told her those blanks were highly sought after , and cut down made great blackfish rods .

She def wanted to  use the rod instead of it collecting dust .

My buddy Jon told me he would build the rod for me .

so I cut off 3 feet off the butt of it , and had him recondition the rod to its new use .

After much though about how we wanted to build it , colors were chosen and it’s been a project for the last month ..

‘Jon did an awesome job on the wraps .

I gave the rod to Tracey  for her birthday.

finally we got a weather window, and got to fish a half day today .

 Made a bunch of drops to find fish that wanted to chew.

was mostly shorts , but Tracey did put. 2 keepers in the box ..

so instead of sitting in the corner the rod will finally get to live again .

crazy how sensitive the original glass blanks were . { new glass rods carrying the same model and specs aren’t even close }









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Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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24 minutes ago, hammer4reel said:

Just about everything we fish is spiral wrapped  now . Even our fluke stuff 


I used to make my own rods and spiral wrapped many.   Surprised it hasn’t caught on more as I don’t see any negatives with it.   I even made a freshwater bass rod spiral wrapped and it doesn’t give up anything in casting distance either. 

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