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Official - Taylor Hammers vs Pork Rollers Turkey Contest 2020-Team Taylor Ham Wins!

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With everything going on, this alternative to a regular contest has been briefly discussed in recent past. 

How about an "unofficial" Taylor Ham VS Pork Roll 2020 Adult Turkey Contest in this thread? I will start the list for the northern crew.......

**"Losing team must call it whatever the winning team does" (Taylor Ham) 


Team Pork Roll

  1. rescuecfd
  2. vdep217
  3. Faster-2 Gobblers
  4. Lunatic
  5. Woodsman416
  6. Bones
  7. Bonefreak-1 Gobbler
  8. Buck154
  9. Swamprat
  10. Devil Horns
  11. Bone collector
  12. Lphunsjr-1 Jake+1 Gobbler (wife's)
  13. Yo Buck  
  14. Kilbo- 1 Gobbler
  15. Deadeye-1 Gobbler
  16. Declan-1 Jake
  17. 06roadking-1 Gobbler
  18. RPK0620 -1 Gobbler (son's) 


Team Taylor Ham                                          

  1. Gobblergetter- 47 longbeards,     NEED WE SAY MORE??!! :worship::rock: 
  2. GobblenGrunt-1 Gobbler
  3. LPJR-1 Jake + 1 Gobbler (Jr's) 
  4. Jersey Jay
  5. Bucksnbows
  6. Nomad-1 Gobbler + 1 Gobbler (son's) 
  7. OMC 
  8. Tbryant
  9. electric10162
  10. Shootstraight-3 Gobblers
  11. Pathman-1 Gobbler 
  12. Russ 11-1 Gobbler + 1 Gobbler (son's) 
  13. Cousin Brown-2 Gobblers
  14. Fred Flintstone-1 Jake  
  15. Bassguy247
  16. Greybeard
  17. nb6624-4 Gobblers



Winning team for the 2020 W&W Turkey Contest-


Pork Rollers must now call it what it really is for the next year, until next years Turkey Contest...

Great birds, pics, stories and memories made by all. Well done by both teams....

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7 minutes ago, LPJR said:

Guys and gals- this will be an epic "unofficial" contest. Light, fun, inclusive, with TONS of weight on bragging rights! 


No matter what the real winners are Pork Rollers, they're the only ones who call things by their rightful name. 

Taylor Hammers probably think they're hunting woods chickens tomorrow... :shakehead: :rofl:

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  • BowhunterNJ changed the title to Official - Taylor Hammers vs Pork Rollers Turkey Contest 2020

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