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NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Adult Deer Contest Winners & Prizes

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Hey guys and gals, I know it's been a long time coming and after consulting with the current Second Place team, we have all agreed to move forward with honoring the results as they are currently listed with no need to prolong it any further waiting on @KBfishing to get his rack back! :up:

Below are the final results, donation/prize breakdowns, and winners for the NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Adult Deer Contest! :up:

Congratulations to all the successful hunters this season, as well as all of the contest winners!
We had another great season and turnout of hunters for the contest this year, and after this coronavirus pandemic, I'm sure we'll all be chomping at the bit to get out in the woods again next year! :up::up::up:

Donation Breakdown:

  • Team Contest: Donation Percentage
  • Individual Contest: $320
  • Donations: $460 + Two (2) packs of Rage Extremes courtesy of @JerseyJaysTaxidermy

Prize Breakdown:

  • Team Contest $460
    • $115 each (4 team members)
  • Individual Contest $320 with a ~39.05%, ~26.56%, ~17.18%, ~10.93%, ~6.25% breakdown for Top 5 prizes
    • 1st Place: $125
    • 2nd Place: $85
    • 3rd Place: $55
    • 4th Place: $35
    • 5th Place: $20
    • 6th: Pack of Rage Extremes
    • 7th: Pack of Rage Extremes


Team Contest Winners:


Individual Contest Winners:

1. @JHbowhunter: 85 points [16.0 doe+ 69.0  buck]
2. @KBfishing: 80.0 points [16.0 doe + 64.0 buck]
3. @Buck154: 78.0 points [16.0 doe + 62.0 buck]
4. @nb6624: 76.0 points [16.0 doe + 60 buck]
5. @3Blade: 73.5 points [16.0 doe + 57.5 buck]
6. @Tbryant: 72.5 points [16.0 doe, 56.5 buck]
6. @Nomad: 72.5 points [16.o doe + 56.5 buck]


Prize Winners:

I'll message each member to coordinate prize distribution!  Congratulations to all the winners and great job by all who participated!!!  :up:  :up:  :up:
Please let me know ASAP if you see any issues with the winners or prize breakdowns! :up:
Pictures of the Winners:



















IMG_2745 (1).jpg



























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Congrats to all and thanks Matt for running it :up:

Can we add a prize for the oldest deer next season? I might have a chance 

Edited by Buck154
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crazy year Matt - great contest, I think the buck score changes helped me finally beat @KBfishingso will be working hard to figure out how to change it up again next year to stay ahead of him... I think it's easier if I just start hunting his bucks though!!!!


Congrats to all - some incredible animals were harmed during this contest (and consumed, and mounted, etc)


Edited by JHbowhunter
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56 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

Congrats to all and thanks Matt for running it :up:

Can we add a prize for the oldest deer next season? I might have a chance 


I have an 11.5 year old spike i been watching - you do NOT stand a chance

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