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Wish New York Was More Like New Jersey As Far As Posting Pheasant Stocking Dates..

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       I have time and a story is coming up. Now back in 1974 when, I was 14-- yeah, I am 60 and an older Dude- but, I digress-- My Father took me to a number of areas where the - OCFSCS- Orange County Federation Of Sportsman's Clubs would release Pheasants from early October to Late December. Now this was on Unposted Lands where the Landowner was absent for years and did not care about it.  Early on at age 14, I learned about ( Week Of) Pheasant Releases. Now if you were in " The Clique" that knew EXACTLY the Day the Pheasants were to be released as well as the Exact Time - you were in for a great time! These people were always the Pheasant Releasers of course and anyone in their Family's that hunted and Some Very Close Friends as well.                              Now this added up to quite a Crowd! For the rest of US-- we had to Guess on the day that the OCFSCS would release the Pheasants as well as the Time. I remember taking days off from work in my 20s " Hoping" that I was right as far as Pheasants being released.  Now Then as well as now-- 95% of the Pheasant Releasers were all Retired. And, I found out after some Years that the 2 Days that the Pheasants were to be Released were either Monday or Tuesday at 11am.  Makes sense- Less Pheasant Hunters out on those 2 days and any Hunters out at Sunrise would be gone by 9am at the latest.              Now, I lucked out on a Few occasions when Pheasants must have been Stocked on a Monday near Sundown and, I showed up to hunt Timberdoodles on a Tuesday. I remember walking in with my Black Lab and right away after letting him off the Leash,he kicked up a Cackling Rooster Pheasant! I connected and another few minutes-- another Rooster Pheasant exploded upwards. Another Hit. I had to leash my Lab as, I had my limit. Now as, I reached the parking area, I could see a line of slowly moving Cars + Trucks Turning in to the parking area. We are talking a good 12 Vehicles!! Out stepped the Retired Pheasant Releasers and about 15 Dogs! You all should have seen the Long Faces when,I was seen with Rooster Tailfeathers sticking out of my Orange Vest.  One older guy in his 70s actually demanded to check my Vest .  I said something like- That's not happening..  2 is the Limit and that is what, I had.                                                 Another time, I Lucked out was a Mid October day and I was out late - about 1 Hour or so before Sundown. Walking the Fields I see the Pheasant Truck pull into my field. Of course, I unloaded and leashed my dog. The Crates were opened " about 5  or 6" and the Pheasants Rocketed out. A cherry wave between me and the 2 Releasers and they drove out and I HAD 30 MINUTES LEFT TO SUNDOWN!!  Loaded back up and my excitedLab who watched the Release was off and on the Trail. 2 solid Hits on 2 Rooster Pheasants and, I leashed my dog. Next morning, I was the 1st guy to park of course. 2 more Rooster Pheasants!!                                             Most of the years though only the Pheasant Releasers,their Family Members + of course Close Friends bag most of the Pheasants.    Now this goes on to this day!                                 This past Fall in Sterling Forest State Park, I and a group of other Pheasant hunters were able ( finally) to learn the Pheasant release dates and the time of the release from the Manager of the Park. Problem was the Retired Releasers found out that other Pheasant Hunters knew of the Dates. A good 4 times, I would be up at Indian Hill in Sterling Forest awaiting the Pheasant Truck only to be told that the Pheasant Releasers of OCFSCS could not get them on this morning.... Another day was chosen- this time known only to the Pheasant Releasers. On a Dec day of 2019, I happened to be up at Indian Hill and a Truck with NJ Plates was parked at a field. Alot of shooting from these 2 guys. I would never park up at a field as your Truck could get peppered with birds getting up.              Anyway New Jersey Pheasant Hunters are fortunate to know the Exact Day the Pheasants will be released. In New York- it is ( Week Of) and you are on your own.                         Hope everyone enjoyed this Story. Stay Safe.

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Bill, we have done ok at Indian Hill the last couple of years. I get the stocking information from the park office.

NJ stocks the designated WMA's on Monday,Wensday and Friday nights. However they mostly just drop the birds right near the parking area. At least at Indian Hill they drive in and spread the birds out. 

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