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Some of the best bow hunting in this country. You will not find a better deal anywhere. I been hunting with Jeff for 7 years and the price hasn’t changed.  Better yet the hunting also has remained top notch. Here are the details. 


-Price-$2500 $3000 DIY

-Bow Season/Crossbow  permitted hunt when you want and how you want. 

-Property- 165-400 acres you/hunting partner only ones hunting property all of bow season. 

-April 1st-24th apply for tags and license $550.00

-Outfitter- Kansas Big Boys-Jeff Stevens (www.kansashunting.com)

also check him out on Facebook/ don’t have to have Facebook to see it. 

DIY- Do It Yourself. You hunt how you want, when you want. This is your hunting property. There will be ladder stands on the property and you can add whatever stands you want.  


PM me if you’re interested and or message me here or contact Jeff Stevens directly. 









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3 minutes ago, Costam07 said:

Hunted out there last year with Todd. On one of Jeff's properties... had a blast, he has some of the best properties I've seen in midwest. 

Good times last year. Can’t wait to do it again brother :up:

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