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End of Pheasant Season

OldPiney Woods

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Yesterday was the last day of pheasant season. Except for a couple of posts the first day or two of January, I didn't see any posts of anyone finding any left over pheasants at the WMAs. Anyone have any success? I only got out a couple of days with my GSP in Central Jersey. All we found were some piles of feathers from predator killed pheasants. What about those guys that had all those birds every time at the Water Gap and Flatbrook in November and December?

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I went to Colliers Mills a few times in Jan and carried my gun and then a few times without it.   I run / exercise my GSP there a few times each week when I can and I was out a few times in Feb with yesterday being my last.  Didn't put up anything in Jan or Feb but saw a few feathers here and there however yesterday was a great day afield so to me it was still good to be out.

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Worst late season I can remember here in central jersey. Me m the setter can usually find a few birds to go after for a few wks...but only came across 1 rooster. 

Could be a matter of there are no more Rockport rockets that are flying far enough away from the war zone stocking areas to places of suitable holdover cover...and/or the cover was not too good for em this yr....some areas were cut to the ground...others grew up so high that saplings offered perch sites for raptors. 

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I killed 2 in late January this year.. lot of miles with the dog.. We had a couple wild flushes as well.. All in All a few make it through around the Flatbrook every year where the Russian olives are.. You can here the cackles in the spring trout fishing sometimes.

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I had a rooster visit my bait pile the first three weeks of January but then went MIA. There was also three hens that came to paved road each afternoon but finally someone shot them. I found the shells about mid january.  But definitely did not see as many as usual. I also think the predators from the sky did a big hit on them this year. Found a lot of birds with missing heads-- lot more than usual.

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