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How do I know what length bowstring for my recurve


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I'm trying to figure out what length bow string I need for an old pearson recurve I got at a yard sale.  The handle says amo 60.  I've searched online and found some say 3" and other say 4" shorter then AMO.   Also should I use D97 or Dacron for the string?  It appears that D97 is better.  I've always used 60X for my compounds but I'm not sure which string I need from their site www.60xcustomstrings.com/recurve/   thanks for any help  I've always wanted to try traditional archery.

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Generally, 4" shorter for dacron b50 strings, 3" for fast flight type materials if your bow can handle more modern strings.


If you aren't sure, it's safer to go with the Dacron.


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