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C Week Check-in


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Roosted birds Monday night and had a good game plan.  We were going to get up super early and set up close.  We were set up well before 5 and as birds started sounding off on adjacent properties, it was quiet by us.  I KNOW the birds are where we are at because I put them to bed.  Dad doubted me as well with the lack of gobbling.  At 5:40, everybody woke up, gobbles right on top of us and lots of hen chatter.  In the dark, I misjudged the area I wanted to set up at and my "close" set up wound up being just about directly under the roost tree!  They kept quiet because they must have seen us in the dark and delayed flying down until it got light enough for them to see the coast was clear.  Well at 5:42 it was raining turkeys with 5 hens and 3 longbeards all within 20 yards.  Of course, the biggest boys flew down to the side of the blind that was sealed up.  Two toms had their attention set on 3 hens heading away from us, so I was able to switch it up and get ready to shoot out of the back of the blind.  Unfortunately, Dad was not able to set up as well because it was a perfect double opportunity.  He told me to shoot, so I took the largest bird there with a 25 yard shot. Tagged out at 5:45 on a double bearder to boot!


The others scattered, unsure of what just happened.  Eventually they wandered off, but as they walked away, another bird sounded off in the field across the creek from us.  He answered me on occasion so I told dad to try him.  Dad got out his favorite raspy mouth call and the gobbler went off to every note!  He was gobbling and double gobbling as fired up as they get but he would work up and down the field edge and not cross the creek.  We made a quick decision to try to cross the creek and set up just inside the woods on the other field to get him to come in.  We made the move and just as we were about to set up, the tom sounded off in the field we just left!   He must have flow across the creek and was coming in hot.  We then moved back to the edge of the field where the blind was set up and Dad called him right in.  The funny part was that the bird walked within 10 yards of the blind and Dad had to wait for him to clear the blind before he could shoot!  Double complete and tagged out at 6:45.


After a few pics, it was off to the diner for a victory breakfast.  Cream chipped beef never tasted so good!


To make the whole story even sweeter, we got a suprise when cleaning the birds.  Dad's turkey was head shot at close range and when I was breasting the bird out, I found a a few pieces of shot (not the 5's Dad used) in the breast that were healed over.  I know how that happened...on Friday of A week, I hunted the same field with a good friend where we had an opportunity at a double that I botched and "missed" my bird (my buddy smoked his).  I caught the whole thing on video and upon review, my shot pattern overlapped where the bird was standing slightly, so I had hit the bird in the lower breast area.  I can stomach (not easily) a miss, but to think that I injured the bird really made me sick.  It was a great feeling to know that I didn't kill (or seriously mess up) the turkey since he was gobbling his head off and strutting around and keeping weight on.  Hopefully he bred a bunch of hens in his 12 days of borrowed time!


My tom was 19lb10oz, 7/8"spurs, and double bearded:  10-1/4" & 4-3/8  NWTF Score 66.38


Dad's tom was 18lb10oz, 1"spurs and 9-1/4" beard  NWTF Score 57.12



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