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Turkey Hunting and CO/Ranger

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They often hang out in the parking areas on pheasant stocked WMA's. They check licenses; pheasant stamps and shotgun magazine plugs.

It's ridiculous that they enforce the latter.  How often does a hunter get a third shot much less a fourth shot at a upland game bird or even a deer for that matter.  The law against a fourth or fifth shot should only apply waterfowl hunting.

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Ive been stopped while walking back to the truck. They checked my license and plug, then asked where I was hunting. I explained where and she told me I was lying, then asked how I had so many permits for the zone, not sure what she was getting at. I have the utmost respect for LEOs, but the exchange was ridiculous. 

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Yup, been stopped once while turkey hunting with a buddy.  Asked for licenses, check plugs, the usual.  Was a very professional and polite experience.

One of the COs told me I was hunting illegally.  I almost shit myself because I am incredibly careful about stuff like that.  With a smile on his face he told me I forgot to sign my license and let me sign it on the spot.  No biggie, he was busting my chops for something really insignificant.  Left me with a good story, though.

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