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Sweet rig , especially with the choice in your sight Just Hunt. I've used Axcel sights from day one.. Odd but true story.. I was hanging out at an archery shop a few weeks ago w my bow and Justin Tuck ( former NYG ) asks me about my Armortech Sight :)   Good luck in the upcoming season !

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Nice set up ! What's the advantages of having a site like that on a bow? I've only ever had one site on mine n that's a vital gear single pin that shorter than the one you have there . 

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A few advantages are:


- Extending the sight plane allows you to make finer adjustments with courser movements. Sighting accuracy is that much greater.

- The further apart your front and rear sight are, the more accurate you are.

- Easier to adjust the sight housing to the peep for a more exact alignment. (kind of same as last one but dealing more with sight picture)

- Shows you when you're torquing more easily.

- Can remove the sight very easily for safe keeping in a case.



Of course there are disadvantages too. The further out your sight, the more pin movement you will see, which can negatively effect some people, not all. Another issue is the gaps between pins has to become larger which can cause some people to run out of room in their housing for all the distances they'd like to shoot. Again, not an issue for everyone and less of an issue as bows become faster and faster.


Finally, you might get hung up in more twigs and bushes with an extended sight, and it might not fit in your case with the sight on. 


I use a dovetail sight on my hunting bow and my target bow, and I like that style, but standard sights are every bit as good for bowhunting.

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Nice setup :up: ... Did you decide on your arrows?

I wanted a Micro Dia. Shaft. for sure, I was debating between the Rampage, Deep Impacts and X-IMPACTS.  The deep impact added to much weight for me, I would of probably going with the X-IMPACTS and at some point will I just didnt have them in stock. So I grabbed a doz .003 Rampage 400 spine I had in stock.. I will likely end up reflechting them according to spine, I have to switch to 85 from 100 gr tips cause my FOC is a little off yet.  My bow right now at about 63lb, is getting another 6-8 inch PLUS sometimes blowing through my not shot a lot HIPs Big Game Target.. My bow set at 71lb with GT VOL 350 spine didnt come close to it..  I just want to get shooting..

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