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First time at Game Creek!!


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Went to Game Creek yesterday for the first time. What nice people and a great place to hunt. I have a young GSP and she did great. She is just starting to retrieve so we did chukars. There were two of us and we got 14 chukars and 5 quail.

I can't recommend this place highly enough. I found out about it on this site, thanks.




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They are in Woodstown NJ (South West Jersey) at  1013 Kings Highway, Woodstown, NJ 08098.

Standard Hunt | $137.00 / hunter
Choice of 3 pheasants or 4 chukar or 8 quail stocked

Wingshooter Special | $179.00 / hunter
Choice of 5 pheasants or 7 chukar or 13 quail stocked.

The clear picture is one I took of my hunting partner and his doge. The blurry picture is one he took of me with my dog on his camera, just my luck. We hunted the dogs in pairs and rotated them so they all would have equal time. My dog got some extra time since he had 3 to my 1.




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I love Game creek I was there last week and go often. A bit more expensive then others but they have a top notch club house with coffee cakes sodas etc for anyone plus the fields are beautifully maintained and you can hunt a different place every time you hunt there they have and lease many areas.

Looks like you had a good day 

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1 hour ago, Mixbaghunter said:

I want to plan a hunt next month will probably hit  Indian  creek  its the closest.  Need to hit Button wood some day 

Buttonwood is ten times better than Indian Creek. Indian Creek is much closer though.

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M&M was nice too. It is pricey but like being in South Dakota. They have tons of pheasants and chukar running around. We went when our dogs were young pups and they put out out chukar for us a few at a time to hunt and train the pups.

I am in Ocean County so I have Giberson's and Bent Creek close to me also Greenwood State Forest, Colliers Mills and Assunpink.

I will have to check out Buttonwood (I think I was there when I lived in North Jersey) and Indian Creek.


Thanks Rusty. I got her at Little Wing kennel. Best bird dog I ever had with the best nose. Everything this dog does is all in her genes. My friend sent his dogs all over to be trained. My dog with little to no training points like a champ and retrieves.

One of my friends asked about training his dog to retrieve, I told him I would and it is easy. He asked what I would do to train her. I said the dog and I would sit on the couch, I would pet her and we would both eat snacks while watching Youtube videos on retrieving! Ha!


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