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Landowner wants firewood as payment - How much for a cord of wood in Hunterdon county?

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The landowner of the property I hunt asked that each of the three hunters provide 2 cords of firewood each as payment for hunting rights to the property.


How much does a cord of wood go for near Hunterdon county these days? What's a good place to have it delivered that you can recommend?


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5 hours ago, mazzgolf said:

Cut your own wood. Why pay someone else when you can do it for free? You don't know where the wood came from, or how the wood was handled unless you do it yourself. It's easy. Guaranteed, once you cut your own wood, you'll never have anyone else do it for you.

You talk about it like you eat it:happywave:

who cares where it came from or how it was handled? 
Is it hardwood? Is it cut to size and is it dry? This all you need to know 

having said that I love splitting wood although it is an incredible amount of work and paying $225 feels like a great deal

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How many acre's is the property, is it worth $1,300.00 per year? Or is it a once in a while payment?
The property is something like 38 acres. (Maybe half of that huntable) Each guy has his own designated area, to hunt. The last 2 seasons I have paid nothing. He just wanted deer taken off the property as payment, but now the landowner's son is moving out and he is in his late 70's, so he just needs a way to get firewood. So, $450 for 3 years is a heck of a deal in my mind even if it isn't the best deer hunting property around (which it truly isn't).

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