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Jet Sled = Most functional gift I've ever recieved

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Mrs. Yankee bought me a Jet Sled this Christmas and I can't believe I never bought one myself 10 years ago!  Today alone I went sledding with the kids out back and towed them around the property in it, hauled 100lbs of corn back to my spot, and hauled a load of firewood up to the house for tonight.  A word of caution-I'm not sure if it's the type of plastic they use or the finish on it or what but for downhill sledding it is MUCH faster than my other kids' sleds!  It's not that easy to steer either-my girls had a close call with a big walnut at the bottom of the hill on their first ride :eek:  Thank God they missed or Mrs. Yankee would have broke it over my head :rofl:

Finally, I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but to pull it I wear an old tree stand harness.  I just use a spring clip to attach the tree strap to the sled rope.  With both hands free and the load spread out across my upper body I found that I could easily pull a 100lb+ load even up a moderate incline.

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9 minutes ago, hammer4reel said:

Attaching it to your harness is fine going uphill , but really a bad idea going down one . Even a moderate grade and it will try and beat you down the hill even if it has to drag you 

:rofl:  I have to walk down our sledding hill to get back to my spot so I just jumped in the sled with my bags of corn and rode it down.

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55 - cannot believe I went 52 years without one!!!    Deer - for sure.I Just easily loaded a 100+ # doe in the F-150 with it.   Ice fishing - I was hauling my gas auger and crap out on ice with toboggans and kiddie sleds for years - which is probably what the Jet Sled was originally designed for.   Firewood,  when there was snow on ground - always a pain in the arse.   Will never be without one again. 

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