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well I decided to go to where I saw the two jakes since they where the only birds I saw yesterday evening. I parked 400 plus yards away, I wasn't sure where in the woods they would be so waited quietly for them to gobble, well they didn't, matter of fact i didn't hear/see a bird. I drove around to a few other spots did some calling didn't hear a reply. I talked to a few hunters they too heard/saw nothing, one guy heard one gobble on Monday morning, and he has been hunting all week in the area. I just think these birds are highly pressured therefore they don't talk much

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I tried and was successful in finding private land, the problem is the price of the lease was outrages, as far as public land I looked into some on Marble Hill which is open to Warren County residents only, but it gets hammered by the locals. Also knocked on doors for private land, got turned down many times, continue to seek but to no avail 

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Not sure exactly where you live Joe, but I completely agree with Dbuck.....Warren county definitely seems like the better turkey area to me. Plus one thing I will say is, it's a million times easier to scout and keep tabs on any animal you hunt when you hunt closer to your house.


I almost never hunt more than 30 minutes from wherever I live. The exception is if I have a good tip, or used to live somewhere and know good spots. But even then, it's too tough to keep current on what's happening. Those are fun little jaunts out of my core area, but much like most animals, I stick to my home range. lol


I'm probably one of those "locals" that everyone sees at all the nearby spots all the freaking time. lol


That's my best advice though....hunt local. I've never lived anywhere that was more than 30 minutes away from public land.


Good luck if you get out again.

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Matty, I'm in southern Warren County, and I agree lots of places to hunt just a matter of finding a place to lease. Also with the kids, and work my time is limited on finding a place, but when I have time I go out seeking and I fail most of the time but when I do find something the price is just outrages. Also I have the house 15 mins from where I hunt up in Montague.  

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I'm with you Matty.  I hunt as close to home as possible.  I can't even tell you how many people have stopped to talk to me when they see me at my truck and say man I always see your truck around, you're always in there early and out way after dark.  YUP!, thats me! :cool:

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