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Spypoint Cell-Link

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More hardware and batteries in the tree. 

That will be a cool device if it works well. 

You definately have to consider the cost of batteries for this unit and the camera its linked to. 

I have one of the Vosker cell cams with the built in solar panel, its very similar if not the same camera made by spypoint. 

I paid 400 for the camera. 

However, its been out since the beginning of the season on one set of lithium batteries and still at 100 percent battery life. 

If its hard on the batteries its going to add up. 

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Heard about this unit about a month ago and signed up for updates. Couldn’t come at a better time...got my first cell cam recently and really like it. So much so I was going to get rid of my arsenal of non cell cams and go all-cell. This will be a great option at a great price to update all. As far as batteries...I’ve said it on here before...buy the big packs of energizer ultimate lithium from Costco. Price is good and those damn things last a long time!!!!

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