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Had a long beard at 60 yards . . .

Ms Grit

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Found out yesterday afternoon that  I didn't have to have Matt at the hospital until 10 this morning and I happened to be awake at 3:30 so by 5:30 I was set up in the swamp where I had the 3 toms that would not commit yesterday.  As daybreak came all 3 sounded off and I eventually got to watch the one closest to me fly down.  They continued their gobbling when on the ground but never met up with each other.  Unfortunately, one of them flew on to adjoining property and I heard the all too familiar 2 shots . . . don't think he made it.


Anyway, one of the remaining 2 continued his gobbling, even after meeting up with his girls, and of course was where I had been set up yesterday.  I made a move on him when I heard that he was in one of the fields.  I set up where I was yesterday and could hear that he was in the 2nd dirt field.  If I could coax him, or the girls my way, all would be good.


Well, it almost worked, for as he gobbled to calls, they came.  The girls  (3 of them) led the way with him in tow, strutting, fanning and all pretty looking. but they didn't enter the woods where I was set up.  Instead they entered the back green field and the closest they were was about 60 yards.  My gun is patterned to 40 but I just didn't feel comfortable taking a 60 yard shot.  I want to kill a bird, not roll one and I wasn't confident that the pattern I saw at 40 yards would do the job at 60.  So, he lives yet another day and I am off to the hospital with Matt now.  What an exciting morning though . . .  

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Definitely the right call. Not only does the pattern spread out a lot, but the shot loses energy. Depending on what size you shoot, like 5's or 6's it might lose a lot of energy at 60. I know some people like to be able to reach out, but I prefer to keep it under about 30-35 with the gun. Anything past 40 yards is "hung up" in my opinion....Still sounds like a great day! Good luck with Matts collar bone.

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