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Great Day!


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Today was a day to remember in the turkey woods. Started the day arriving in the blind at 5:30 this morning. I had three birds gobble on roost one close the other two far away. At 6:10 I had a lone hen come through my spot and around 7:00 am I had 6 hens come in. The hens were scratching around out in front of me slowly moving away. They came in from the spot I heard the close gobble so I was watching to see if the tom was behind them. When they got out around 60yrds I let out a couple soft yelps and got an instant response gobble back but the bird was about 150yrds in front of me. I call again and get another response this time at about 100yrds. The only problem was the hens were going in that direction and met up with the tom. I could see him strutting up a storm showing off for the ladies. I had to try and bring him in because the hens were heading away from me so I hit a hard series of cuts on my box call and got an instant gobble and a hen cutting back at me. I did it again with the same results but this time I really must have pissed off the hen because she came back to me. They only bad part is the other hens stayed put and so did the tom. I could see his fan shining in the morning sun but he wouldn't budge. So I decided to get aggressive with the call and let out another set of hard cuts and this time I got the tom to gobble but also got another gobble off to my right and really pissed off the hen because she started cutting like crazy. Then I see off to my right three red heads coming in they were three jakes. They see the hens an make there way over to them. They were like satellite bulls in the elk rut circling the flock but the big boy knew he was boss. This went on for about another half hour before they wandered off. It's now around 9:00 am and I'm figuring its over for the day but have had good luck in this spot late so decide to ride it out till noon. Around 9:40 I get a text from Thunderbolt AKA Jack Spoto asking how I was doing I tell him nada but still in the blind. He texted me back that this is a good time to sit because the birds will be on the move. I read his text and was just about to answer him when I looked up and saw this bird at 15yrd looking at my decoys. I get my encore up, put the turkey reticle on his head and pulled the trigger. The #4 hevi-shot did its job and the bird went down. Now I texted back Jack yes it is a good time I just dropped a nice one. The bird weighed 23.5 had 1 3/8th" spurs and a 10 3/4" beard. my biggest pine bird to date! Now the best part is I get to do it again on Saturday! LIFE IS GOOD!


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