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Live Hunt From Virginia.

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Checked the cameras when I arrived today and decided to hunt this one area of my mom's farm. The deer seem to be coming out from an old logging road into a cut switch grass field to feed just before dark. Had a high rack 8 point on the camera but, nothing bigger. The local guys ran their dogs through several weeks ago. So, I'm hoping that the deer are back to their normal patterns. Good luck to all you are going out. I'll try to keep you posted. 

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1 hour ago, Yobuck293 said:

That wouldn't fly with me at all.  They hunt your property without permission?  

They claim that they can't control the dogs but, I don't totally believe it. Unfortunately, once the dogs go through the properties, it screws up the deer for at least a week or so. When I'm down here, I let the neighbors know that I'm hunting and for them to contact the gun club and let them know to stay away. But, when I'm not here, I cannot do anything about it. I did see 4 does tonight but, passed on them. 

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