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Well I guess it depends on the objective. And there is often a lot to be said in confidence in your equipment that helps you perform better (even if the equipment doesn't change the outcome). For all practical purposes, especially hunting wise, it probably doesn't make a bit of difference whether your arrow is .003 straight or .001 straight.

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It depends in part on the shooters ability and to be able to take advantage of the extra straightness.


Also .003 shafts can be cut down on both ends to possibly get that .003 into a .001 shaft, assuming one is buying shafts as opposed to completed arrows.


I think in long range shooting such as in Field and 3-D shooting is where the .001 will shine in the hands of a good shooter, or the hunter who is looking to maximize speed from his setup.


 Consistent spine" is very critical and I would think it is part of the cull process when manufacturers sort their arrows.

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All you fancy pants people with your .003 or .001 arrows. 


I shoot .006 Beman ICS Bowhunters that are spine matched by my arrow maker.  They are more accurate than I am and are more than accurate for 95% of the shots we take while hunting.  If You are one of those 50+ yards shooters, than there may be an argument.  Most of us DO NOT shoot that far in the field (well, maybe Axiom...).


If you have the extra cash to spend, go for it.  It supports the economy and helps with innovation in the arrow industry.  The .003 - .001 arrows will be inherently more accurate and some people need that confidence.  However, I doubt that most of us can tell the difference.

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I will be shooting Black eagle arrows, They dont make .006 and prices are not over whelming... And what I mean by spine tested and feather accordingly is the cock feather will always be put on the heavy side of the spine and shafts are selected to tighter tolerances, way more accurate ( can be inches  at 40 yrds or less ) imo..No factory that I know matches the feather with the spine..

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Black Eagle is definitely earning a good rep in the industry, while also bringing on a couple top name Pro shooters too.


Which model are you shooting?


I ran with the Vaps Hv last year and while they were a good arrow, they are very thin internally and did not hold up to sudden impact. In fact while flex checking them, two of them snapped in my hands.. Luckily not while shooting them..lol

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As I've said in another thread, I buy raw shafts and build my own arrows. I purchesed a new 65lb  Elite Pure last spring and also picked up a dozen .001 Rampage on Archerytalk. My draw length is 32" so when I cut a shaft down it is not getting much taken off and here is where ( for me ) the difference lies between .003 & .001 comes into play, on a long arrow. Now don't get me wrong, I've shot Easton Axis and Beman before that with great results out of my other bows I've shot them out of. But when I find a combination that works I stick with it and Elite plus .001 Rampage works well. I even found  after 30yrs of shooting Thunderheads that G5 Strikers fly better on Rampage out of the Elite. I am always trying different feather, vanes  and fletch sizes, everything from 5" feathers to 2" plastic as well as different make and weight broadheads just to mix it up and see what works well together.

Just my $.02

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