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wet dead birds


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so hunted at pequest the stocking truck tracks stop and backed up in the mud thinking this is where they stocked sure find is 10 dead birds that died on the truck on the way to the fields this is what pa. birds are dead after the long wet ride

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Our stocking days in the south fields where I've been at has been real good until this last week. I wasn't there this past Saturday but the guys I spoke to today said they didn't find a single bird then. Today I was there with 8 or 9 other guys, and at least 5 dogs, and all that was found was 4 dead birds (victims of predators). So the final 2 stocking days were a bust. Up until then, it has been really good. Still worth the $40 to me, even considering the bad past week.

Guess I'll just avoid the last week next year. I really think the owls, foxes, and yotes figure out what's going on by this time of the stocking season - they must lick their chops when they see the truck headlights coming.

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10 deer, are you saying those 10 dead birds were dumped in a pile right next to where the stocking truck stopped? If that was the case the stockers should be cited under the Division's wanton waste regulations. The regs say" It is unlawful for any person to place, leave, dump or abandon a game mammal, game bird...carcass...on any wildlife management area or state park." See page 29 of the Digest.

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Yup black river  was slow as far as dumping birds i herd  the same thing happen one morning at black river as well . I ended the season  with at least  15 birds not what i used to get but not to bad . They are not stocking  the numbers they say they are . But still better then a club at over 600.

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I was at Whittingham and there were over 40 dead birds in the water training area. Totally sucked wanted to get my dog on some birds she was able to flush one but was unable to make the shot.  I’m no expert but there were birds that were chewed up, missing heads, and some that looks fine. They were not all together they were in different spots like they were stocked that way....

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