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Parker Pete available Spring trips

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We are taking bookings for the 2014 season.  Spring Striped Bass trips are booked as Morning and afternoon trips..... Fluke (summer Flounder) booked as all day trips...

We are booking up our Striped bass trips for this Spring.  Our Spring Striped Bass trips are run twice  daily . We start the day with an early morning trip. we want to be on the grounds around sun up. Our afternoon trip usually leaves the dock around 3 pm. This trip we want to get to  the grounds for the bite around  dusk.  Both trips are atleast 6 hour trips. We will live line bunker. jig, chunk, and last result troll. We will do whatever is needed to get you that trophy Bass. We provide the rods and tackle if you do not have your own.   Please Email us any date that you would like to sign up for. . 

Available dates for charter or share charter as of 4/15/2014 for AM or PM trips

5/21   Pm                           6/2   PM                 6/15(fathers day) AM or PM    6/25 AM or PM 
5/22    PM                 6/3  AM or PM         6/16  AM or PM                     6/26 AM or PM
5/23   AM or PM                 6/4  AM or PM         6/18 PM                                6/27 AM or PM
5/25   PM                           6/7  AM                   6/19 AM or PM                     6/28 AM or PM 
5/26   AM or PM                 6/10 PM                  6/21 PM                                6/29 AM or PM
5/27   AM or PM                 6/11 AM or PM        6/22 AM or PM                       6/30 AM 
5/29   PM                           6/12 AM or PM        6/23 AM or PM 
5/31   AM or PM                 6/14 PM                  6/24 AM or PM

5/22 AM charter booked

5/29 pm charter needs 4

6/3 Am charter needs 2

Share charter is when the group does not have enough people to fill the boat, we find those who will  join the group. the group splits the cost of a charter and split all the fish evenly.  If your interested in being on our email list for share charter please contact us email , phone , or text.



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