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Issue with a Pattermaster Code Black Turkey Choke ( 1/16” gap )

Drop Tine

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Morning... putting this in the turkey section since I didn't see a shotgun section... I have a puzzling question...


I shoot a Remington 870 magnum special purpose shotgun for turkey hunting...


I ordered the Patternmaster Code Black Turkey Tube 12Ga. Remington .665 ( which is the choke that should be for a Remington 870 )

Well, I received it today... when I unscrewed my current patternmaster and screwed the Code Black choke into the barrel, once the bottom of the tube was fully seated and tight into the barrel there is about a 1/16" gap between the barrel end and the coke tube


 Patternmaster Code Black Turkey (notice the 1/16” gap)


My Patternmaster buckshot choke tube..


The Two Patternmaster chokes side by side….



Anyone else using this choke tube in a 870, if so does your tube sit firm against the barrel or is there this gap ? ? ?

I contacted Patternmaster but have not heard back from them as of yet... sucks cause I was looking to shoot it tomorrow.. now I'm concerned about this gap…

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Last year I ordered a choke for my Mossberg it screwed in fine but there was a small gap the choke was damaged a slight dent. I have the 1187 same barrel as your 870 using the HEVISHOT turkey choke with Hevishot's Magnum Blend

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You are going to need to do some measuring to see what is up. Can you tell if the choke is bottoming out in the barrel?

Yes it is fully seated... found a few more pics on the internet of Patternmaster chokes sitting just like that on other guns... so I'm guessing it how they make it now for the 870...

Waiting to hear back on Monday from Patternmaster...

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I have an 11-87 with a PM choke and it's flush, but it's several years old now.  They may have made some changes.  I have a feeling that's all it is, either by design or just an unexpected tolerance thing that won't impact the functionality of the choke, just the visual on the outside.

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I'm thinking it was made like that so when the choke heats up and expands it doesn't put any pressure on the barrel thus back on the threads. Just thinking outside the box. Won't hurt to wait to see what they say. Better to be safe than sorry. I hear your handy with a bow so you always have a back up. Good luck Paul.

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Thanks for the input guys..


Ok... since I saw several other shotguns with the same gap at the choke I was a lot less concerned...


Headed to the range this morning to help a turkey hunting buddy of mine find a good shooting load and then sight in his gun... He has a trueglo tube and has the exact same gap,...


So I figured it's gotta just be the way the newer tube is designed for this gun...

Tried this PM code black tube verses the original PM tube to see if the code black really made a difference for the extra coin...


I can say with out a doubt it does... pattern at 25 yards it was half the size the original PM was throwing, at 40 yards the pattern was awesome, 15 -20 pellets in the kill zone constant with every shot, so I'm happy and all set for the season... now lets hope I can find a few nice birds that want to play flappy bird with me :up:

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Nice! Glad it worked out OK for you Paul! I'd be curious as to what PM says (if you follow up with them) regarding the gap...whether a flaw or by design (and why)! :up:

Thanks Matt... I'll let you know, they have my cell number so I expect they'll call tomorrow...


twoguns on NJH actually posted a link to another site were a guy was discussing having the same issue with his new code black tube..

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