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Stripers on Sunday!!

Scrubby rack buck

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It was BAD.. not a touch between 4 guys in 6 hours of fishing.. I think we were a little early. colder winter this year and maybe the full moon didnt help much.. oh well thats fishing, be back at it in a couple of weeks..I may just attempt to take a half day later in the week if I can swing it..

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Im waiting to hear some good reports Scrub  this warm wheather is gona get things going, Who you going out with? My son will be home from college in 3 weeks then my trips begin. Good Luck to ya :up:  looking foward to the reports 

I went out with a couple of buddies Pablo, and tail chaser John and my F.I.L..I bet you get wait to fish with your son.. I cant wait until my kids get a little older..

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If you think about it, "Scrubby Rack Buck" is one of the best names on any forum!   :rofl:


Good luck to you, scrubby!  I will begin guiding fly anglers as soon as the stripers are consistent from Sandy Hook down to 7 Presidents.  Hope you nail 'em!

 good luck...im sure very soon the fishing is gonna bust open

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