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April 2014 Guided Fly Fishing Trip Giveaway, Courtesy of Brian Cowden (Bucksnbows)

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Direct link to the FREE ENTRY Giveaway:  April 2014 Guided Fly Fishing Trip Giveaway, Courtesy of Brian Cowden (Bucksnbows)

Alright all you NJ Woods & Water fans, we're bringing you another great Giveaway!
Brian Cowden (Bucksnbows), has been generous enough to donate a guided fly fishing trip on the Musconetcong River for 4 hours (half day) as an NJ Woods & Water Giveaway!


Brian is on Trout Unlimited’s Eastern Conservation staff serving as the Coordinator for the Musconetcong Home Rivers Initiative here in New Jersey, and he has been a lifelong conservationist active in causes related to New Jersey’s outdoor pursuits. The Musconetcong Home Rivers Initiative is designed to work closely with landowners and non-profit, local, state and federal agencies to protect and restore the beautiful Musconetcong River and its tributaries in this 158 square mile watershed that drains into the Delaware River. Brian has been an active angler since he was only four years old and a fly angler since the age of seven. He currently serves as Head Guide at Shannon's Fly & Tackle when he’s not restoring our trout rivers. Brian recently contributed a chapter on the Musconetcong River in the upcoming Top Fifty Trout Streams of the Northeast by Bob Mallard, now available in stores!


This is a great opportunity to fish with an extremely knowledgeable fly fisherman and conservation steward of the Musconetcong River...and he's a heck of a nice guy! :)


This giveaway will be for One (1) guided fly fishing trip on the Musconetcong River for 4 hours (half day) for up to 2 anglers courtesy of Brian Cowden!
The trip date will be coordinated between Brian and the winner!










If anyone has any questions about this Giveaway, please list them here!
A huge thanks from NJ Woods & Water to Brian for his generous donation!  :up:  :up:  :up:

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This is an awesome giveaway!


Do you rent fly gear or have extras? :)


Are inexperienced fly fishers tolerated?


Yes, we can provide all gear and all newbies are welcome!  We teach a lot of first time fly fishers as that is one of our specialties.  In fact, these guys were second- time fly anglers that I took out today.  






The big boy of the day!  


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Awesome Brian!  Those are some happy fishermen!!! :up: :up: :up:


That last bow went 26" and about 8 pounds.  A real tank.  I use a very large Brodin net, and that fish in no way fit into it.  :)


We have fish in our private water that could push that fish out of prime lies  :eek:  ;)  :flyfish:

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Wow, monster!!!   :eek::)


Everyone wants to land a bragging size trout like that one, but give me the smaller 16" - 20" multi-year holdover rainbow every time and twice on Sundays.  Those "smaller" fish jump like steelhead because they were steelhead stock (Kamloops, BC stock from Canada originally).  The monsters typically sulk at the bottom and have to be coaxed in while the smaller ones launch into the air numerous times during the fight.  My clients are more apt to break off the smaller, more active fish than the big monsters like this beast.  Matt - I'll have to take you there one day since you can't enter these contests and I appreciate the site!  

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Yeah man, I'm definitely down for that! Does kinda suck not being able to participate in the contests and giveaways, but I'm happy to see others win them and to work with others on giving back to the members here! :up:


I agree on the bigger ones, generally the ones I've caught aren't crazy fights...just kind of slow and steady, the current is the biggest challenge with them.

And the wild/native ones I've caught in the past are always absolutely crazy...it's like you lit them on fire, they just freak out and go flying up in the air over and over...very cool stuff even if they are small! :)

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