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Hunter orange on ground blind during firearms season

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I walk in with a full orange vest and have a pole next to my blind a bit higher than the top of the bling that I hang it on for anyone who may be trespassing .

I hunt on my own land and are amazed at the foolish excuses I hear from trespassing poachers when I catch them just walking around in camo with a bow or muzzle loader and a climber. Always say they're going onto one of the adjoining properties which are acre lots with existing houses on them. I just ask if they would prefer we call a CO to discuss or if they would rather leave. They make the smart choice and leave peacefully - surprised that people who know they are on posted property feel it's ok as long as you don't get caught.  

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I hang a cheap orange vest in a branch above my blind. I have also seen orange covers for the roof of blinds. 

This is copied from the digest.

All firearm and bow and arrow deer hunters utiliz-ing a ground blind when a bow and firearm deer season are concurrently open must display 200 square inches of hunter orange atop the blind and visible from all sides or within five feet outside the blind and higher than the blind or at least three feet off the ground, whichever is higher. During these concurrent seasons, bowhunters in tree stands also should consider wearing hunter orange.

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My blind is elevated on a platform 4 feet off the ground: however; my south jersey regional Conservation Police Officer advised me to display the required amount of blaze orange as per the digest instructions. It is only used for archery hunts even during the 6 day Shotgun Season.5-21-19b.thumb.JPG.b9400131f9e700b3f58e9b70c740262f.JPG 

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