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Waxing philosophical - what traditions do you hold for hunting and fishing?


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I don't know about some of you, but one of the things I love most about hunting and fishing are the many wonderful traditions I've been able to hold on to these many years.  For example, I've been hunting in the same PA hunting camp with the same guys since I was 14.  We all went up with our dads and grandfathers.  Now we are the dads and soon to be grandfathers.  We've scattered out fathers' ashes over these grounds as they've passed before us and we teach our kids about the importance of friends and family and the great traditions of the out of doors.  


That same Potter County, PA camp has seen regular "Birds and Bows" small game and deer bow hunting trips since I was 17 in mid to late October with grouse and woodcock hunts over pointing dogs midday and bucks with archery gear in the am and pm hours. It always ends with Saturday night's feast of the game we've taken and a good night's rest before heading home to NJ the next day for a hot shower and shave folloeed by a kiss on the cheek of our wives.    


Other traditions have been an annual fly fishing trip with a group we call the Trout Louts.  We used to have our own website but now just use a private Facebook page to bust chops year round.  This year will be our 14th straight year chasing big, wild browns and rainbows on the upper Delaware River while staying at the West Branch Angler Resort between Hancock and Deposit NY in Hale Eddy, right on the banks of the WBD River.  Everyone brings a wide variety of food and whiskey each year and you never know if you'll be eating smoked Arctic char, reindeer steaks, venison skewers, or deep fried turkey and that doesn't include some of the finest whiskeys in the land each night after a long day on the water fishing dry flies.  


These three trips are never to be missed and the sources of some of my fondest hunting and fishing memories. These are my traditions. 



What are some of your traditions?  When and where and for what do you go?  For how many years?  Friends, family or both?  Pictures count!   

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Some cool stuff there gentlemen...Hunting land that your gg grandfather hunted...that' s tough to top.

My take might be a little lighter but means the world to me...

Hunting property and the same tree my dad started me on some forty years back.

Hunting spots my son shot his first whitetail and recalling the exact moment he took that first kill shot, priceless.

Trout fishing the favorite honey holes my Dad showed me fifty some years ago.

Memories as a kid with grandfather fishing for blowfish down in shore filling "bushels", landing three at a time.

Memories of my dad dropping me and my friend off at the gap, fourteen years old, camping for the weekend, bow hunting and sleeping in a army pup tent in late November, with snow cover...Dad picked us up Sunday evening...

pup tent.png

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