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Walpack Doe taken tonight

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Tonight was so cool. Definitely crazy the way things work out. My buddy and I planned to hunt our spot in Walpack and were faced with downed trees across every road leading in. Managed to eventually make it to our spot where I had set up a spring type blind this weekend tying the top upwards in case of snow. Well I expected it to be destroyed and was shocked to see it was still up and intact! I brushed it off, set up the orange vests on it and quickly sat just seeing what was going to happen.

After about 20 minutes, I decided to get out of the blind as I was not feeling it and was going to try and make something happen....Was still and quiet with a few muffled shots heard several miles away.....With an hour of light left I decided to start to slowly walk as the snow was extremely soft and quiet. I soon came upon 3 separate tracks, all fresh...I followed  slowly, looking way ahead for any sign of a deer.. Stopping every few minutes I saw the tracks were headed for a strip of heavy evergreens. I decided to cut across at an angle in hopes of seeing a deer on the other side come out. Was a long shot but felt right....

Caught movement about 10 minutes later at over 100 yards in an opening. Was looking for a buck initially, but with the light fading was going to take the first shot I had if the deer was a good one. Saw the lead doe emerge from the spruce patch followed by 2 more. 

All does. They were headed at an angle my way! The slight wind swirled and I was standing against a huge oak. The big doe was relaxed but as the wind swirled and she stopped looking right in my direction. At 75 yards, I settled the crosshairs. The Accura spoke and she make it 50 yards towards a side hill. I thought I heard her crash but wasn't sure. 

Went to where she was standing and saw blood. Because she was running, it was sprayed up the hill next to her tracks. I soon found her less than 75 yards away from where she was shot. She was dead on her feet as the Hornady SST took her heart out. Just got back home about 10 minutes ago as the deer was almost a mile in on the mountain.

Felt as if I took a big old buck up there tonight!

Some pics below....








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congrats Lou......Love that area, just true whitetail country 

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Yeah, Lou!  Got you hooked now on hunting like you're in the big woods!  Find fresh tracks and stalk them!  It pays every time!

Now you have do the same thing in NH next year!  Way to hunt the snow!  Congrats!

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