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220 is just so damn accurate,  so if you want a dedicated slug gun then get the 220

The 870 is more versatile as you can swap out barrels,  but the barrels aren't cheap . With the 870 get the rifled/ cantilever barrel I never had a issue with them losing zero just be careful not to knock the scope 


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7 minutes ago, MikeStaten said:

I like the idea of having a dedicated slug gun and not worrying about the gun being off when I swap back and forth between bird and slug barrels so I got a Savage 220.  As you know, they are extremely accurate and have a great trigger. 

Agree with Mike's statement.  If possible get a dedicated slug gun, savage,HR, etc, what you can afford, put a decent scope on it, sight it in for 2 inches high at 100 yards and you are good to go.  

Where I hunt up north nj, mostly ridges , a shot can be 30 yards out to 100 yards plus,  the furthest was a 130 yard shot on a power line cut, I could see 200 yards in both directions,  the HR did its thing, and buck dropped in in tracks.

Good luck

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15 minutes ago, Gobblengrunt said:

I think it would matter how much you want to spend also.  The Remington cantileaver barrels usually shoot excellent groups with most slugs for half the price of the 220.  The 220 has a great reputation of a top tier slug gun.  If money was not an issue, go with the dedicated 220 slug gun.

This. :agree:.. you can never really have too many guns...lol... really depends on your budget and if you have enough storage space for it... dedicated slug gun is really nice to have. The 220 is a fine choice and if you look around you can find a pretty good deal on the browning bolt guns if that were an interest....good luck in your decision 

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The 870 with cantilever barrel shoots sst slugs very well. He can buy the barrel and a Timney and be just as happy. It needs to shoot minute of deer not stack one on top of the other. I have about 200 rounds through my 220 and am starting to notice patterns growing.

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