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13 minutes ago, BHC said:

That was today, it wasn't during the National Anthem 

Oh, didn't watch pre game.A-holes!

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And yet those same Troopers will leave that stadium and go out and risk there lives for the very same people who disrespect them. Who are the real heros?

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I hope each one of those players has career ending injuries, they blow their money and end up living on the streets. They will then be on their knees begging for money instead. Bunch of scumbags. And why i have not wztched football since they didrespected our military.  You can spin it anyway you want by making an excuse it is not all the players. But the ones that dont kneel are just as bad for remaining silent and not standing up for our military and police. So f the NFL and every single lerson supporting those disgraceful pos by watching games, attending games and buying jerseys. You have zero right to complain if you are supporting the samr scumbags you are supporting. I usually interact daily with police and everyday i tell them stay safe and go home to their family. I thank the vets for their service each time i see them. Long retired and forgotten because they are not in uniform but we owe them that respect and it is great to see the smile on their face when you recognize them for something they contributed to our country a long time ago.  Thescumbags in theNFL dont deserve our support if we truly respect our military and police.

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